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    Light, shadow and imagination are my playmates.  I carry at least one camera with me everywhere and often challenge myself in odd circumstances to find something worth shooting.  Sometimes my photos are inspiration for paintings, other times as short film concepts.

     I am plant-based, continually reducing my carbon footprint and working on projects to help motivate others to do the same.  I relish reworking used items into new life.

     I grew up in a charming, one-stoplight, covered-bridges town in the North American midwest and frolicked in the woods and creeks with my brothers and dogs.  We were known for creating the best forts; I took on the role of architect/designer, my brothers my inspiring co-craftsmen. We held private showings once or twice a year where the other children would solemnly file through looking at the way light filtered through leaf weavings and criss-crossed branches. Oddly distorted faces of thunderstorm-burnt wood loomed above from vine ropes we draped through the trees. The entry and hallways to the rooms were meticulously swept and lined with rocks laboriously dug up and hauled to our special place. This was our refuge, our escape from the confusing mood-swings of the adult world.

    I have always been enchanted with the way nature tosses out magnificent creations and often get distracted noticing them. Many of my photos and paintings have a tale of mystery or romantic suspense behind them. I love hearing what stories viewers conjure from my work.

     I am currently in Europe with a new art show of paintings and fabric pieces which may encourage more people to fight climate change.

                             --  Priscilla

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